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Ted X UCLA | May 18, 2018 | Kat Cressida


Keynote Speaker / Voice Over Talent / On-Camera Host

In 2012, at the height of a thriving 20-year Hollywood career as a voice over talent … KAT was diagnosed with a rare, deadly tumor that required dangerous, unprecedented surgery. Her unique journey brings light and understanding about the difficulties of returning to one’s life – and work – after tremendous hardship, loss, pain.

KAT has found her Voice – and is using it to INSPIRE, STRENGTHEN, and ENLIGHTEN. She is no longer… SPEECHLESS.

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Testimonials | KAT Cressida

“Core to her life experience, KAT discovered her idea to share around 'wasting time', and ironically wasted no time crafting her talk in just over a week of intense effort. Her determination resulted in the offering of an idea that was felt and not only heard, which is simply transformative.”

Scott Hutchinson, TEDx Co-Curator

“KAT is an amazing, dynamic and engaging speaker. We were very lucky to have her on the iconic UCLA Royce stage for TEDxUCLA 2019. Her TED talk has gone viral, with a message of acceptance and inclusion. She is professional, intriguing and kind- a pleasure to work with. More importantly, KAT is a captivating, magnetic presence- delivering content that’s an invaluable asset to any Organization’s stage.”

Josh O’Connor, TEDx Curator

“When the tumor was finally removed, KAT required complex facial reconstruction after invasive cancer surgeries. KAT was within 1/8 of a millimeter of losing her voice, face, livelihood... FOREVER. Her story is one of courage, perseverance — most of all, hope - in the face of terrifying odds; she is an inspiration.”

— Dr. David Alessi, MD, FACS Brain Surgeon; Facial Reconstruction Specialist

“KAT’s battles to address negligence within the power dynamics of the medical profession, as well as her successful fights to overcome a negligent Healthcare system are inspiring. Her heroic battle with cancer and her return to work [and her success] will add a new dimension to our disabilities in the workplace and healthcare issues programs.”

— Marc Goldman, President Damon Brooks Associates

“We are impressed and humbled by KAT's bravery in coming forward, opening up her personal life to address the healthcare issues and medical battles she has faced; how she has overcome such tragedy and trauma to move forward with Life and Career. She is an inspiration and a true hero. KAT has proven that in life she is as strong and courageous as some of the characters she portrays for Disney and Marvel...”

— Derek Maki, Founder Coolwaters Productions, LLC Celebrity PR Manager